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Long overdue.

I do believe that it is high time for me to make my apologies to you, my lovely readers… A new post was long overdue! Hopefully this one will help make amends.

I have been very, very busy lately. With what, you ask? Well, let’s see… I recently made a trip to Florida, narrowly missing a violent tornado, am diligently working at a demanding job that has recently become more demanding/exciting, and I’m sure there are more excuses I could make for myself as well, but memory fails.

My mind is constantly swirling with a million ideas… some good, some bad, some very odd… but here’s one of my good ones:

I made these with peacock feather spears or swords or whatever the kids are calling them these days. Super simple assembly:

Step one. Clip off ends of feather – you can make them longer or shorter depending on how dramatic you’d like to be.
Step two. Peel off a few bits of feather from the clipped end.
Step three. Trim the feather to your liking.
Step four. Attempt to locate a lovely metallic green nailpolish to coat the whitish edge of said feather.
Step five. Polish feather (and let dry. Duh.)
Step six. Insert stripped end of feather into crimp bead.
Step seven. Smash crimp bead, encasing end of feather safely inside.
Step eight. Attach loop of crimp bead to loop of earring hook.
Step nine. Plan an evening out on the town to debut earrings.

Or… leave me a comment and let me know if you’d be interested in skipping all those pesky steps and purchasing a similar pair from me on Etsy!

Happy crafting!