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Bona Fide Bargain #6

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Apologies are in order once again. I’ve been slacking with my posts. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hunting bargains for mys… I mean, for you.

I’m going to share one of my little secrets with you today: Denim from makes your butt look marvelous. I can personally vouch for that. Without fail, the fit is perfect with no alterations necessary, the spandex doesn’t get saggy halfway through the day (you know what I’m talking about – sometimes you start out with skinny jeans that end up feeling like Mom jeans), the colors don’t fade after repeated washings, the price couldn’t be any better… I can’t say enough good things about their denim!

This style is my personal favorite:

The Fashionista Skinny Jean is just amazing. Really. Spend the $26.50 and you will not be sorry. The back pockets are tulip shaped, which does wonders for everyone. Also, they are offered in three different lengths – I’m 5’2″ and the ‘short’ length is just perfect for me. I love the skinny fit with oversized tops or cozy sweaters, and the added spandex makes these feel like you’re wearing your cozy PJ bottoms. Just keep in mind that if you wear these out, people will want to touch your butt. So be prepared.

Happy shopping!


Bona Fide Bargain #5

It’s only rock ‘n roll… but I like it. Thank you to Miss Cathy for these totally awesome guitar earrings!!! Please do yourself a big favor and check out her shop. Her pieces are super cute and the prices? Amazing. These were only $5 plus shipping.

I just love the clear acrylic – they’ll go with everything in my closet. Now all I have to do is check my local concert schedule and I am good to go!

Happy shopping!

Bona Fide Bargain #3

Hey Doll… I wanted to share another BFB with you! I picked up these little beauties from recently and I can’t say enough great things about them. 5 1/4″ heel, nice high platform, and a dreamy color make these the perfect pair for a wedding or garden party (but I would recommend staying away from any grass unless you’re trying to aerate the lawn).

And the best part? They’re a measly $28.10. Yes, you read that correctly. This stunning pair of heels is less than $30. BUT… if you use the promo code SAVINGS20 you can save an additional 20%! You’re welcome.

Happy shopping!

Betty + Etsy #1

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking with my Bona Fide Bargains. But this is sort of along those lines. Da da da DA! Presenting: Betty + Etsy! I thought I’d start sharing all my nifty Etsy purchases instead of just showing you fancy things to daydream about.

So, without further adieu, may I present my latest find. I snagged this little baby from Mr. Idaho’s Vintage. I’ve purchased several dresses from Miss Renee, and I’ve been super impressed not only with her amazing, affordable selection, but also with her super fast shipping. Without fail, every time I check out the shop, I run across something that I just have to have!

So check her out on Etsy. I’m sure that you, too, will find something you can’t live without. Be sure to tell her Betty sent you!

Happy shopping!

Bona Fide Bargain #2: Betty Shops ‘Go Jane’

Today I’m going to share one of my very best fashion secrets… Go Jane is my go-to website for the most adorable shoes (seriously, you’re going to squeal when you see their selection of designer knockoff shoes) and the cutest, well, everything. Their prices are great, it’s really easy to find coupon codes to use on the site, their customer service department is super easy to deal with, and their shipping is quick and reliable. Of course, you’ll need to keep in mind that you get what you pay for – you may find teeny imperfections on some items – but I can only recall one item out of many that I had a major problem with, so don’t let that possibility stop you from ordering. And sure, some of the clothes look like a cheap Hollywood Boulevard hooker wouldn’t touch them for any price, but overlook the trash and you’ll find some class. Promise. My best tip, though, for finding gems on Go Jane, is to check back regularly. They add new items every day, and the cutest things can be gone in a heartbeat, so if you see something you must have, buy it, or you may be very, very sorry.

Here’s a few new items that I just fell in love with:

I just adore this slate grey one-shoulder top. So romantic… this would be just glorious with a feathered headpiece or a flower perched on a chignon. Only $28.80.

I don’t know about you gals, but I have quite a shoe wardrobe… and this skirt is perfect for showing off your latest pair of platforms. Would be great for a night out dancing! P.S. When I say “dancing”, I do not mean grinding, I do not mean random gyrations in the middle of a sweaty mess of trampy girls and Jersey Shore guys, I mean real dancing. Like dancing the tango across an open dance floor with Al Pacino. Only $22.50 (for the skirt, not for dancing with Mr. Pacino).

And THIS. HOW SQUEE IS THIS??? You could make this a total pin-up look with some ruby lips and a handkerchief to tie up your ‘do, or throw it on with a pair of ripped jeans. Either way it’d be perfection. Only $24.20. Also, if you have any extra cash, grab one for me. I’m a small. Thanks.

Every Betty needs a selection of leopard print pieces in her closet. I love the cut on this – it’s long enough to put on with leggings, the v neck isn’t too low, so it’s completely appropriate for the office, and the print resembles a true leopard, not a manufactured one. Only $34.50. I’ll take one of these too if you don’t mind.

Ohhh. And these. I adore these. Aren’t they divine? I own these little velvet beauties in lime, so I can vouch for their fabulosity. Super high heel? Check. 5 1/4 inches, to be exact. Just right for showing off those stems, ladies. You can take your choice of seven – yes, I said seven – colors. A true bona fide bargain at only $21.60. What a fun way to spice up an outfit!

So, if I’ve done my math correctly (just FYI, I only do math if it involves pretty things on sale, so I don’t get quite as much practice as I ought), for a mere $131.60, you could own all 5 pieces featured here! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Happy shopping!

Bona Fide Bargain #1: Baja Woven Sandals

In the interest of my financial stability, I’ve decided to shop for all you lovely ladies instead of myself. Kind of living vicariously in reverse… or something. Anyways, I’m an extremely dedicated bargain shopper, not afraid to sport my latest find from the local Goodwill, the garage sale down the street, or whatever online discount clothing store I happen to come across. I can’t tell you how many times I have people stop me and ask where I’ve gotten a piece, assuming that it’s an expensive brand, and how happy it makes me to proudly announce, “IT WAS ONLY 5 DOLLARS!!!” So, today begins the series of Betty’s Bona Fide Bargains. I’ll do my very best to post these little tidbits at least a few times a week, and in exchange, please feel free to add your shopping secrets in the form of a comment! Here we go…

These little beauties are from one of my standby stores, Forever 21. Yes, they’re cheap. Yes, they target teenagers. Yes, they have quite a few items that are entirely inappropriate for someone of *ahem* my age. Which, if you’re wondering, is only 25. At least that’s what I tell everyone. How dare you assume I’m 32.

Ok, Betty, focus.

These multi colored sandals caught my eye immediately. I can see these fitting right in on the beach with a bikini and coverup, with a flowy dress, with jeans and a cardigan in early autumn… the possibilities are endless. And the price is wonderful. These Baja Woven Sandals are a measly $16.80. Not bad for a summer standby! Shipping is $5.99, but if you purchase $50 or more, shipping is free. And trust me, finding $50 worth of little baubles and nifty outfits isn’t hard to do. Be sure to check out the jewelry and accessories – Forever 21 always has tons of beautiful pieces for less than $10, many vintage inspired. What a great way to add a little something extra to any ensemble!

Happy shopping!