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It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll, But I Like It.

Hello, my darlings! I am so very proud (and even more excited) to show you a preview of my new jewelry collection:

My collection is inspired by music, as you can see… Soon I’ll post some little tidbits about each of my pieces and tell you where, when, and what was my inspiration for each. I’ll also continue to post more pictures of my progress, my materials, and new pieces as they’re completed. The collection will officially debut at Grove Fest STL on October 1st and will be available on Etsy soon after. I am so thrilled to be a part of the Grove Fest Fashion Corner – I have many secrets to share with you over the next few weeks about all the exciting things happening at this amazing street festival!

Happy shopping!


Betty + Etsy #5

*sighhhhh* Ladies… the creations I am about to introduce to you are simply beyond words… So I’ll just show you pics:

These absolutely breathtaking pieces are courtesy of Miss Kim at Topsy Turvy Design. Please please do yourself a favor and go drool over her work. All of her hats and headpieces are completely handmade just as they would have been back in the day, and her designs are simply stunning. What a great way to add something truly special to your special day!

Happy shopping!

Something Blue

Dollface! Once again, I need to apologize for my much overdue post. I think you’ll like this one though… I thought I’d share with you the headpiece and veil that I made for my loverly friend Jaci’s wedding.

The finished product was a result of much collaboration between the two of us. We compared many ideas and shared many pictures of our inspiration. All I can say is, Thank You, Internets – being able to fire emails back and forth was a real life saver when it came to designing and trouble shooting.

So, without further adieu, may I present my piece de resistance:

Jaci’s colors were navy and white, so we chose several types of blue-toned feathers to give the piece some interest and add pops of color. I used Swarovski crystals to add sparkle.

I constructed the piece by stitching the hand-curled feathers to a felt backing – no glue was used in the piece apart from attaching the crystals and attaching the backing to the piece. I designed the headpiece to be easily detachable from the birdcage veil, so that Jaci could remove the veil after the ceremony and still rock her feathers for the reception. Here’s the secret message I added as a suprise for Jaci:

We decided on Russian veiling to give the piece more of a vintage feel:

Jaci’s dress needed something special too, so I designed this flower brooch for her to attach to the ruching at her hip:

And finally, on her big day, here is my beeyouteeful Jaci with her beeyouteeful headpiece:

All in all, I’d say our little project was a smashing success. Please contact me if I can help you design a custom headpiece and veil!

Happy creating!

Bona Fide Bargain #7

Hey girl! I’ve been super busy lately but I had to show you what I ordered:

This is Milani’s Paint Eyeshadow Palette. $7.99. That’s right. $7.99. Believe it, baby. I’ve been using Milani cosmetics for several years now, and I have been thrilled with everything I’ve purchased. Nail color, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipsticks… they’re all amazing. Milani’s colors are rich, bold, and they last all day. Do yourself a favor and place an order this month (or, if you’re fortunate enough to live near a store that carries Milani products, pick one up) – this particular palette is a limited edition.

You can thank me later.

Happy shopping!

Bona Fide Bargain #6

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Apologies are in order once again. I’ve been slacking with my posts. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hunting bargains for mys… I mean, for you.

I’m going to share one of my little secrets with you today: Denim from makes your butt look marvelous. I can personally vouch for that. Without fail, the fit is perfect with no alterations necessary, the spandex doesn’t get saggy halfway through the day (you know what I’m talking about – sometimes you start out with skinny jeans that end up feeling like Mom jeans), the colors don’t fade after repeated washings, the price couldn’t be any better… I can’t say enough good things about their denim!

This style is my personal favorite:

The Fashionista Skinny Jean is just amazing. Really. Spend the $26.50 and you will not be sorry. The back pockets are tulip shaped, which does wonders for everyone. Also, they are offered in three different lengths – I’m 5’2″ and the ‘short’ length is just perfect for me. I love the skinny fit with oversized tops or cozy sweaters, and the added spandex makes these feel like you’re wearing your cozy PJ bottoms. Just keep in mind that if you wear these out, people will want to touch your butt. So be prepared.

Happy shopping!

Bona Fide Bargain #5

It’s only rock ‘n roll… but I like it. Thank you to Miss Cathy for these totally awesome guitar earrings!!! Please do yourself a big favor and check out her shop. Her pieces are super cute and the prices? Amazing. These were only $5 plus shipping.

I just love the clear acrylic – they’ll go with everything in my closet. Now all I have to do is check my local concert schedule and I am good to go!

Happy shopping!

Betty + Etsy #4

Hey you! I want you to see the beeyouteeful vintage dress I found at Bad Cholla Vintage. Thanks to the lovely Miss Megan are in order for another perfect Etsy transaction!

The teal shade of the dress is even more beautiful in person… and I was thrilled to find that it fits like it was made just for me. It is a maxi dress, so I will most likely be shortening it at least a few inches – one can only wear so much polyester in the summer months before one does not smell as fresh as a lady should. I can’t wait to pair it with a peacock feather hairpiece and some disco-worthy heels!

Happy shopping!