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Dollface! Once again, I need to apologize for my much overdue post. I think you’ll like this one though… I thought I’d share with you the headpiece and veil that I made for my loverly friend Jaci’s wedding.

The finished product was a result of much collaboration between the two of us. We compared many ideas and shared many pictures of our inspiration. All I can say is, Thank You, Internets – being able to fire emails back and forth was a real life saver when it came to designing and trouble shooting.

So, without further adieu, may I present my piece de resistance:

Jaci’s colors were navy and white, so we chose several types of blue-toned feathers to give the piece some interest and add pops of color. I used Swarovski crystals to add sparkle.

I constructed the piece by stitching the hand-curled feathers to a felt backing – no glue was used in the piece apart from attaching the crystals and attaching the backing to the piece. I designed the headpiece to be easily detachable from the birdcage veil, so that Jaci could remove the veil after the ceremony and still rock her feathers for the reception. Here’s the secret message I added as a suprise for Jaci:

We decided on Russian veiling to give the piece more of a vintage feel:

Jaci’s dress needed something special too, so I designed this flower brooch for her to attach to the ruching at her hip:

And finally, on her big day, here is my beeyouteeful Jaci with her beeyouteeful headpiece:

All in all, I’d say our little project was a smashing success. Please contact me if I can help you design a custom headpiece and veil!

Happy creating!


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