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A new leaf.

Hello gorgeous! It’s me, Betty. I have to make my apologies as I haven’t posted anything in ages! I did want to update you on my latest project, though.

Recently I have been trolling Etsy… too often, probably… for vintage dress patterns. I’ve managed to collect quite a few lovely patterns, and I’ve started a dress that I’m very excited about. Here’s what the finished product will (hopefully) look like when I’m finished:

I think this little number will be a great addition to my wardrobe. It looks like it will be super comfortable and it has pockets. Pockets! Just think of all the curious and wonderful things I can hide in those pockets…

So far I’m very proud of my work. I have a nasty habit of rushing through sewing projects and then wearing the item once or twice before I discard it out of frustration with the finished item. I’m trying very hard to turn over a new leaf by taking my time and following the pattern closely so that I’m able to have some pride when I debut the dress. I’ll be posting a few pictures of my progress soon, and I hope to be able to show you the finished product within the next week.

Happy sewing!


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