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Bona Fide Bargain #1: Baja Woven Sandals

In the interest of my financial stability, I’ve decided to shop for all you lovely ladies instead of myself. Kind of living vicariously in reverse… or something. Anyways, I’m an extremely dedicated bargain shopper, not afraid to sport my latest find from the local Goodwill, the garage sale down the street, or whatever online discount clothing store I happen to come across. I can’t tell you how many times I have people stop me and ask where I’ve gotten a piece, assuming that it’s an expensive brand, and how happy it makes me to proudly announce, “IT WAS ONLY 5 DOLLARS!!!” So, today begins the series of Betty’s Bona Fide Bargains. I’ll do my very best to post these little tidbits at least a few times a week, and in exchange, please feel free to add your shopping secrets in the form of a comment! Here we go…

These little beauties are from one of my standby stores, Forever 21. Yes, they’re cheap. Yes, they target teenagers. Yes, they have quite a few items that are entirely inappropriate for someone of *ahem* my age. Which, if you’re wondering, is only 25. At least that’s what I tell everyone. How dare you assume I’m 32.

Ok, Betty, focus.

These multi colored sandals caught my eye immediately. I can see these fitting right in on the beach with a bikini and coverup, with a flowy dress, with jeans and a cardigan in early autumn… the possibilities are endless. And the price is wonderful. These Baja Woven Sandals are a measly $16.80. Not bad for a summer standby! Shipping is $5.99, but if you purchase $50 or more, shipping is free. And trust me, finding $50 worth of little baubles and nifty outfits isn’t hard to do. Be sure to check out the jewelry and accessories – Forever 21 always has tons of beautiful pieces for less than $10, many vintage inspired. What a great way to add a little something extra to any ensemble!

Happy shopping!


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